Julius Smack
Ghost Ghost
Ghost At night it comes awake. Another memory awoken from the closet. A bright light appeared by the window. "Come here," they said. Another voice wrapped deep beneath the head. Somewhere between the car and the door another word was spoken. A place, a circle, or a sphere mentioned deep below. Finding light and time but never making time for anything, but on the weekend it finds its fun. Hear us or never more again, before we turn to dust. Lying What the night can say is in my hands. I hold the right to say it. You're the one who's keeping me from trying to open the doors of fate. And outside you're lying at me. Life goes so slow now, what was I thinking last night? All along I played in your hands, the rules were meant to break. It's the time to call for a new way to contact directly and say that last night you're lying online. I'm trying to reach you. I Can't Help Myself A lifetime spent in the garden, leaves take me away. I spend my night in the market, I see no other way. I can't help myself I don't need nobody else. A faint light glows in the closet, thoughts keep me awake. A lifetime spent in the garden, your thoughts keep me awake. I don't need your lies. I can't sleep at night. Am I a Ghost When I step out of the car at night and I get into my room. There's a feeling deep inside, a light that shines, I turn my heart up to the moon. When the weekend comes along I make time to sing a song. A circle or a sphere I hear a voice inside take my body and my song. Am I a ghost, am I alive, am I? No Truth for Me No More I'm standing at an empty lake, I can't anticipate the rainfall or the season. And I haven't a reason nor a chance in believing what might happen today. Everyone's talking about tomorrow. They can't feel the Earth's sorrow. But I feel its pain today. A statue or a ghost, I haven't a reason nor a chance in believing.
Everyday Ballet Everyday Ballet
I Say What I Want Oh time, what have you done? The earth, the sun, and the water's gone. Everything's wrong. Salt and stone, I erode like the bone of merchants and bankers, the robbers and fakers, poets and painters. They said what they want. Do they have the light? Everyone had drowned near me. What of my foresight? I was left to roam freely. I say what I want. Oh time, what have you done? The city, the farm, and the ice is gone. Everything's wrong. Flora moved up the hill, past the broken bells, near the empty well. I see the markets flood. They got what they wanted. I Need It Some are lost and turn away from my intense stare. The setting sun's a blinding reflection off wet, broken pavement. See me seeing you see me look away. See here, forgotten faces, remembered places. Try to forget what I see. Try to forget, but I haven't known. Feels So Right The rustle of leaves sends pigeons off fleeting on the night we met. Here before me, stand beside me, ask quietly I'd like to know when you kiss me hold me closely, hold me tightly I'd like to go to the mountains a thousand fountains could pour the waters, the currents of our love. Under streetlight in this night it feels so right I'd like to go. I'm Still In Love With You Let me know, I'm wrapped up in your love. Spending my day thinking about you. Being here with you, being near with you, I can't explain myself. Why I feel like I do. Though it hurts me so to let you know when I look in your eyes. Tonight Who will care for them? Some of us pretend. I see them scorched by the sun, waterless for miles, forgotten and exiled. Coyotes roam and nights are long. We set across the valley beholding all it offers tonight. We set out and the nights got long. Jumped across the border for the weak and strong. In the mind, it's a lie in the story of the valley. I'm beholding all it offers tonight. The traffickers, the buses, the guns. No home in sight for miles, no telephone to dial. All that I remember is gone. We set across the valley beholding all it offers tonight. I'd Never I'd never say that about you. I'd never say that I like you. I'm standing in an empty space staring across into your face. We'll settle into a lonely place, am I forgotten? It's the light, it's the room. Here everybody's kissing you. I need to dance, I need to leave. I step outside. Interface They stand before houses vacantly staring. I'm standing alone in some building. The furniture's alight. I reach for the door to pull from the expanse. These buildings have spoken. They feel so defeated. Who auctions these spaces, and who buys to deny them? Living Social We meet online. Hacking your profile online I'm reminded of the value of traces of places we meet in. We're chatting of houses, our cars, and our retirement. These values are broken but who will deny them? I'm lost in some defiance. There is a war in our hearts and in our minds. In the streets and online. Is it yours or is it mine? The wealth, our needs, who says we succeed. I've left now, we are divided. I'm lost in some defiance. The liberal mode of sincerity is commodified and compliant. I'm lost in some defiance. Outstanding Geographies My geography, standing backwards, hips in the canyon, hands in the backseat, face in the window, foot on the pedal, they tell me what to say when I'm all alone. You're inside of my dreams, you're inside of my heart, now I'm on the phone and you're gone. And you define my needs and you belie my speed, I swerve and turn on my cell phone. My geography, standing backwards, hips in the canyon, hands in the backseat, foot on the pedal. I drove 350 miles and I'm feeling unusually tired now. Pollution. They try to tell me I'm wrong but I won't listen. They try to cover my lies and the sun glistens. No matter where I drive, he's flagrantly staring. Not condescending as much as he is daring to tell me who I am driving through the land and this valley. Garden Scene I found the remnants of a garden scene, stripped of its memory in the desert. A naked bust, some pots and roots lain buried beneath the golden sand. Another Night Back in time, I'm going back tonight. Hold your breath, they can feel it in the air. They'll ask you to rescuscitate their lies. Can you feel it inside? Can you move the beat? Stand side by side. I fell in love tonight, you and I on the dancefloor. We stood side by side. I have never felt so alive before. Time, Where Have You Gone? Oh time, where have you gone? Where, deep in the night? Find me posing. And out comes over and over again tonight, I'm finding me here. Produced, recorded, and mixed by Peter Hernandez in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA. © Practical Records 2014.
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