Julius Smack
Ghost Ghost
Ghost At night it comes awake. Another memory awoken from the closet. A bright light appeared by the window. "Come here," they said. Another voice wrapped deep beneath the head. Somewhere between the car and the door another word was spoken. A place, a circle, or a sphere mentioned deep below. Finding light and time but never making time for anything, but on the weekend it finds its fun. Hear us or never more again, before we turn to dust. Lying What the night can say is in my hands. I hold the right to say it. You're the one who's keeping me from trying to open the doors of fate. And outside you're lying at me. Life goes so slow now, what was I thinking last night? All along I played in your hands, the rules were meant to break. It's the time to call for a new way to contact directly and say that last night you're lying online. I'm trying to reach you. I Can't Help Myself A lifetime spent in the garden, leaves take me away. I spend my night in the market, I see no other way. I can't help myself I don't need nobody else. A faint light glows in the closet, thoughts keep me awake. A lifetime spent in the garden, your thoughts keep me awake. I don't need your lies. I can't sleep at night. Am I a Ghost When I step out of the car at night and I get into my room. There's a feeling deep inside, a light that shines, I turn my heart up to the moon. When the weekend comes along I make time to sing a song. A circle or a sphere I hear a voice inside take my body and my song. Am I a ghost, am I alive, am I? I Go To You Where do I go when I want my love? I go to you. Where do I go in this ghosttown? I need you. Where do I go when I need touch? I go to you. No Truth for Me No More I'm standing at an empty lake, I can't anticipate the rainfall or the season. And I haven't a reason nor a chance in believing what might happen today. Everyone's talking about tomorrow. They can't feel the Earth's sorrow. But I feel its pain today. A statue or a ghost, I haven't a reason nor a chance in believing.
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