Julius Smack is touring the Pacific Northwest with Wizard Apprentice in October. Email for booking.
Tomb Songs
Julius Smack’s new album Tomb Songs is out now on Practical Records, featuring artwork by Danny Espinoza. Custom outfit designed by Haik w/.

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In Performance, Portland Museum of Modern Art
October ‘15

January 5 - Trans Pecos w/ Yves Tumor, Colin Self, No Bra, Richard Kennedy, & DJ Adrian Adidi, NY
January 15 - Gal Palace w/ Mega Bog, Hand Habits, Ian, & The Lentils, Los Angeles
January 26 - Teragram Ballroom w/ Holly Herndon & Elon Katz, Los Angeles
January 30 - Pehrspace w/ Lucky Dragons, Grand Lady Dance House, Michael Vidal, Mo Dotti, & DJ Busy Gangnes (Tomb Songs Record Release), Pehrspace, Los Angeles
February 13 - LA Art Book Fair, Courtyard Stage at MOCA (1pm), Los Angeles
March 19 - My Ocean Gal at Gospel Flat Farm w/ Cat Mahatta, Bolinas
April 30 - Eternal Telethon June 29 - Nite Jewel Record Release at El Cid, Los Angeles
July 3 - Your Motion Says at Alley Cat Books, San Francisco
July 9 - Your Motion Says at Pieter Space, Los Angeles
July 10 - Your Motion Says at Pehrspace, Los Angeles

October 25 - Portland Museum of Modern Art at North Star Ballroom w/ Jin Camou, Portland
October 29 - Mandrake Bar DJ Set, Los Angeles
November 14 - PAM w/ Michael Vidal & Hand Habits, Los Angeles
November 15 - Gal Palace w/ Bells Roar & Glitzer, Los Angeles
November 24 - High Fantasy at Aunt Charlie's Lounge, San Francisco
November 25 - Omni Commons w/ Wizard Apprentice & Aten, Oakland
December 10 - Footsie's DJ Set w/ Micah James, Los Angeles